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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Sometimes bad things can happen to good people. If you are facing unmanageable debt, the foreclosure of your home, never ending creditor calls, eviction, wage garnishments, lawsuits, etc. than you need to contact Stephen D. Trotter. Having a knowledgeable bankruptcy specialist assist you in the preparation of your paperwork and guide you through the bankruptcy process will help to insure that your matter goes through smoothly and you obtain the relief and fresh start you are seeking. The Trotter Law Firm has helped many households file for bankruptcy. We have helped people reduce their debt, save their homes and keep their property. Bankruptcy offers you a clean slate from which to rebuild your credit.
Other benefits of bankruptcy include:
  • Stopping Creditor Harassment — Once your bankruptcy petition is filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, it is illegal for creditors to make collections calls. They must each file a petition with the Bankruptcy Court to recover their losses.
  • Avoiding Eviction — An automatic stay takes effect the moment you file your bankruptcy petition. As long as the bankruptcy filing precedes the date of the eviction notice or foreclosure filing, your bank or landlord cannot oust you from your home until after the hearing. While you may eventually have to move, this short-term reprieve will give you time to gather your belongings and find more affordable housing.
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